Recent lab news

01/20  Linshan and Doug’s commentary on PNPLA3 and NAFLD is published in Hepatology.

01/20 Mike earns a spot on the T32 on Functional proteomics of Aging Training Grant. Congrats Mike!

02/20 Charlie’s first author paper, and major team effort, identifying MUFAs as SIRT1 activators is published in Molecular Cell (and highlighted in Science)! 

04/20 Our manuscript with Lisa Chow on time-restricted eating in humans if published in Obesity!  Congrats team!

04/20 Tim wins the Paul D. Boyer & James B. Peter Award for outstanding postdoc in BMBB.

06/20 Jonas passes his oral exam! Congrats Jonas!

08/20 Tim is awarded a K01 to further his studies of glycophagy!!!  A huge step closer to getting his own laboratory!

08/20 First year MSTP (MD/PHD) student Mahima joins the lab. Welcome to grad school and the lab Mahima!!

09/20 Breann joins the Mashek lab and earns a spot on the MN Obesity Prevention Training Grant. Welcome and congrats Bree!

09/20 The lab is awarded a R01 from NIA to study lipid metabolism and aging!

09/20 The lab is awarded a grant from the Iowa/MN Diabetes Center to further our studies on the sub-cellular compartmentalization of metabolism!

12/20 Our review on muscle lipid droplets is published in Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism. Congrats Jake on the lead author publication!

02/21 After 3+ years Wenqi says goodbye to the Mashek lab:(  Congratulations on a great step forward in landing a postdoctoral fellowship at NIH!

02/21 Evan Kerr joins the Mashek laboratory.

03/21 Charlie is awarded a K99 grant from NIH/NIA!  What a great honor and advancment towards his own independent lab. Congrats!

03/21 Wenqi’s first author paper on lipophagy and fatty acid channeling is published in Autophagy. Congrats!

04/21 Evan awarded a spot on the T32 Training Grant on Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism. Congrats Evan!

04/21 Charlie wins the Paul D. Boyer & James B. Peter Award for outstanding postdoc in BMBB. Wow, two years running!

08/21 Mahama passes (totally rocked) her prelim exam! Congrats Mahima! PhD, here we come!

09/21 Tim publishes his muscle glycophagy paper in Autophagy. His first co-correspondiing author paper! Congrats! Excited to see this area of research explode.